Goddamn Sugar Free Pie

That goddamn sugar free pie I just can't seem to resist the buy I know how delicious it is with some dairy And ignore the knowledge that I should be wary Just because it says sugar free Doesn't mean it's not super-carby And I need to cut it out of my life Instead of continuing …

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Weigh-In: Down 9.3 LBS! Woop woop! (Plus, Last Week’s Meals)

Another killer weigh-in this week - man it feels GOOD to be a gangsta.


Recipe Review: Taste of Home Chicken Thighs with Shallots and Spinach (LC, HF, GF)

As part of my calorie-counting plans,  I wanted to use actual recipes *gasp* for my meal plans. It's just a little less thinking for me to plan all the things when I can at least start somewhere with an ingredient list. I decided last week that I wanted to incorporate at least three new meals …

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I’m feeeeeeeeling goooooood

Had a GREAT weigh-in because I'm prioritizing my health and my SELF.


Weight Loss Pro Tip: Use a Big F*cking Cup

No, really. Get yourself a honker. Preferably with a straw. Then fill that bad boy up. OFTEN.


July KetoDelivered Box Review!

Hi, loves! I've had some blogs floating around in my brain but no time to dedicate to writing, so today I'm using a lunch break to crank out some words! I've been changing up my diet a lot, trying new things, new macros, new ideologies, and figuring out what works best for me. This hasn't …

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