In The Spotlight!

NOTE: This is a post from July of 2012–I decided to put it back on the blog because it still rings entirely true, and because who doesn’t love Courtney?! 🙂 – Deb, 9/15/14

In The Spotlight (ITS) posts are going to be about people who inspire me… it could be someone famous (even if just a little famous), a family member, friend, guy on the street who is nice… who knows. Just someone who inspires me.

The first ITS feature is… Courtney Crozier!

I first came to “know” Courtney by watching Season 11 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. It’s the only season I never missed an episode of because I really felt connected to the contestants. According to her blog, in the beginning of 2010 Courtney weighed 435 pounds. While in college, her diet consisted mainly of fast food and soda. She was 21 years old and realized that she was killing herself. She knew she had to change her ways!

Courtney started small… weaning herself off soda, then fast food, then beginning to cook healthy meals for herself, then started walking. She challenged herself to walk further one day than she had the day before…. so on, and so forth. She took those small steps and turned them into a big loss… 112 pounds in nine months! And all of this BEFORE she was a contestant on BL! Courtney lost another 120 pounds on BL before she was sent home (an episode during which I cried, cried, cried!). That is an amazing total of 232 pounds! I can’t say that I know her exact weight at this very moment, but this pictures sums up her amazing progress:

Way to go, Courtney!

One of the most inspiring thing about Courtney is her attitude… about weight loss, about how to treat others, about life in general. Courtney is the shining truth of POSITIVITY! She wears a big smile and shares encouraging and loving words with everyone she meets. She summed up her attitude in a Facebook post this past Tuesday…

              “  It’s amazing what you can learn from other people & 
     their struggles!! It’s the truth when I say 
     whether that’s a weight struggle or ANYTHING 
          in life! Open your eyes & LOVE EVERYONE!!! 🙂 ” 

Thank you, Courtney, for being such a positive inspiration to so many people! You are truly appreciated as a kind soul on our beautiful planet. Love you! xoxo

Feel free to check out Courtney’s Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, and let her know I sent you! She shares words of encouragement, personal anecdotes, stories from fans and all around positive sentiments!

Until next time, stay positive!

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