Dem. Weigh-ins.

In order to not lose my gorram mind, I weigh myself once a week and that’s it. I weigh-in on Sunday mornings. I chose Sunday because it tends to keep me from fucking around on Saturday. 

I used to weigh-in on Fridays…that became a great excuse/reason to eat like crap on Saturday/Sunday and have time to “make up for it” before Friday rolled around again. Which basically meant two days of eating terribly, then four days of guilt and exercise-purging combined with super restrictive eating (even on Keto, which is ridic) and being panic-riddled while I waited for Friday morning so I could see how well (if at all) I managed to balance out the days.

An article on Prevention magazine’s website cites a study (without actually citing a study, mind you) from the University of Minnesota that monitored 1,800 dieting adults. Those who weighed daily lost twice as much (12 lbs vs. 6 lbs) than those who only weighed weekly.


I feel like the variables here must be immense. For example:

  • What were these subjects eating?
  • Were the subjects exercising?
  • Do any of the subjects have genetic predisposition to having trouble losing weight?
  • Do any of the subjects have disorders or diseases that might cause them to have trouble losing weight?
The list could go on.

So. SO. Like I mentioned up there^, I would lose my mind if I weighed every day. I used to do that, and I felt such highs and lows based on my weight. That just doesn’t work for me, so I’ll stick to once a week. 

What about you? How often do you weigh yourself and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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