Goals, Goals, Goals!

Hi, friends!

My last blog was basically a status update, so in this one I want to focus on my 2015 goals. I’m a goal-setter by nature. I work best when I have a clearly defined goal with objectives. My goals for this year aren’t only weight-loss related, but that’s what I’ll be focusing on here. 
For me, weight loss goals are a little different than regular goals (with a set date and time and way to measure success). I found out rather quickly that when I set numbers-based goals, I am just setting myself up for failure and misery. Scales are stupid. We made up numbers and weight and BMI bullshit–so, while I think those metrics are a good measure of progress in some regard, focusing on achieving a specific number feels silly. So, I measure a few things:
  1. Did I lose any weight at all?
  2. Did I lose a reasonable amount of weight for the circumstances that need to be considered?
  3. Did my body measurements decrease?
  4. Do I feel better physically? Mentally? 
  5. Do I have more energy?
  6. Have I made progress fitness-wise?
Those aren’t as clear-cut questions, either, but they give me a place to find positivity in what might not feel so great sometimes (like when my eating is spot-on but I’m still not losing weight, or I upped my strength training numbers and gained weight, etc.). Okay, okay–onto the goals:
  • Lose weight!
Things I’ll be doing:
  1. Eating clean with one cheat meal per month (scheduled for the same time period every month)
  2. Weighing daily (I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t, but I’m gonna. Buh.) and taking body measurement once per month on the first of every month
  3. Fitness–cardio and strength training three times per week (each!)
My goal is is 135. That’s entirely arbitrary, though, because I’ve never weighed less than 178. And I was really happy there, but I think a lot of that had to do with not weighing 309 any more. So, who knows what I’ll end up weighing–only time will tell. 

Is weight loss one of your goals? Do you have a goal weight or just want to lose weight in general? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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