My #Fitspiration Planner

I love planners. I’m a Google gal—I use all Google Apps, my phone is completely Google-fied, etc. But man, oh man, if I don’t love me a good paper planner. I got a fantastic planner from my friend Steph for Christmas and I decided to turn it into a #Fitspiration planner. I got my last three issues of Shape magazine out and my boyfriend and I started hacking them up—cutting out motivational words and phrases. Then I got myself a roll of tape and stuck them all over the planner, starting with the months and then moving to weeks. I wrote quotes and reminders to myself to keep me motivated throughout the year.
Then I started the tedious stuff.
On each day, I wrote down the following items to fill out: body weight, body fat, body water, BMI, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and workout. It looks like this:
My #fitspiration planner!
It took me awhile to fill them all in, but it was worth it. Now I just fill in the lines every day (the first part in the AM and the rest after dinner/the gym) and have a great way to take a quick glance at how I’m doing. I also decided that I want to do C25k again, so I put that in as well, starting after Easter and ending right before the wedding of the same friend that bought me the planner 🙂

I’ve made other motivational things before… a big poster, sticky notes that I had around the house, etc… but this is definitely my favorite. I keep it with me always, look at it often, and look forward to filling it out. It’s simply become part of my day. Some of my other main motivational items include:

  • My Fitbit!
  • My sneakers! I know it’s weird, but having sneakers I love encourages me to wear them!
  • An index card that I wrote myself that is on my nightstand that says, “Today, if you become frightened, instead become inspired.” It’s crazy how much this saying gives me clarity and helps me stay balanced!

Do you have any motivational “stuff”? What is it? How well does it work? Share in the comments!

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