Stepping in Place: That’s Exercise, Right?


You or may not have noticed by now that I love Fitbit. Love the company, love the customer service, and la-la-love the products. I just ordered a Surge and will be taking the plunge on an Aria soon… I currently have the One and used to have a Zip. So yeah, Fitbit love.

I also really, really love hitting the 10,000 steps daily goal. But sitting at a desk all day, well, it’s not always possible. I also work a 9 hour day and have an hour plus drive each way, so it’s also not feasible for me to go to the gym every weeknight. I try to go for a 20-minute walk every day during my lunch break, but sometimes it’s raining or snowing or I’m ravenously hungry by the time my lunch starts. So, what do I do?

I step in place.

While watching Scrubs on Netflix, doing the dishes, brushing my teeth, and in-between reps of resistance/kettlebell training. That’s exercise, right?

I find myself feeling less-than-enthused about it sometimes, like it’s not good enough or it’s some form of exercise “cheating”… but then I remind myself that yes, I’m still doing something. I could just be sitting while watching Scrubs (and sometimes I do, after I’ve hit 10k steps :p) but I’m not, I’m up and moving. And man, oh man, do I love hitting that goal!

I frequently Instagram photos of my daily goal, too, especially when I hit before noon šŸ™‚

What about you? Do you have an exercise goal you like to meet? How do you make it happen?

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