Weigh-In Day: Keep Calm and Carry On

Good morning!

Ah, weigh-in day. How I love/loathe you. I’m a little grumpy this morning because even though my eating has been pristine, my weight is still ever-fluctuating. And I know that it happens… it might be Post Induction Stall Syndrome or some other type of plateau, or the fact that I ate like a billion grams of sodium yesterday, or wtfever. A whole slew of possibilities. Either way, it’s annoying. That being said, I’m already getting over it–a big ‘ol mug of Bulletproof Coffee always warms my heart and soul. So, here are the stats:

Today puts my total loss this time ’round at -6.7 lbs

In the spirit of keeping calm and carrying on, I glanced back at my data-filled #fitspiration planner, and now understand that my initial weigh-in for the revamp of my blog was on December 28th, which means that in a month minus three days, I’m down almost seven pounds, and I am a-okay with that. Next week’s weigh-in will have measurements, too! I’ve been putting a lot of effort into not taking my measurements until a month has passed, even though I’ve thought about it one hundred times!

What about you? How’s it going? Gimme a status update in the comments!

P.S. – In case we aren’t already, let’s be friends on MyFitnessPal! MFP is one of my most favorite places to be, even if I’m not logging calories. There is still a fantastic and supportive group of people there that I love!

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