Hi, friends!

So, it’s been just over a month since I got back on a few bandwagons: eating well, exercising, and blogging πŸ™‚ I’m stoked about all three!

My eating has been spot-on this month, with one planned cheat-ish meal that went pretty well in terms of not effing up my progress. I’ve had some higher carb days (nothing over 50, probs) and those have been treating me well, too. Hooray! My muscles are so super-sore today–not like, I overdid it sore, but just… sore. I started C25k again on Friday and started Stronglifts 5×5 yesterday, so I’m feeling the (after)burn!

Anywho, it’s weigh-in day, and it’s also the first of the month, which means measurements (and photos! weeee). It kinda sucks that my weigh-in yesterday was waaay better than today, but it is what I make it, so here are the month’s (plus a few days) comparisons:

My measurements from the 1st of January
My weigh-in from the day I got back on track

My weigh-in from today!
My measurements from today!

So, totals as of today are: down 9.5 lbs, 1.3% body fat, and 1.7 BMI points (points? sure). Measurements totals as of today are: down 1 inch on my waist, .25 inches on my hips, 1 inch on my right leg, and .25 inches on my right arm, for a total of 2.5 inches down πŸ™‚ #thrilledwiththeseresults

Weight loss graph for fun:

Weight loss from 12/28 – 2/1

Annnnd a few B/A photos:

And there you have it! Not a ton of progress photo-wise, but I’m okay with it. I feel SO GOOD.

How was your first month of 2015? Anything exciting to share?! Comment away!

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