Weigh-In Day: A Week Full of Whoosh and Other Great Things!

Hi, friends!

So, uh. I lost 3.3 lbs this week.


Fucking awesome, mang.

This week brings my total loss to 12.8 lbs 🙂

Also, here’s a super-sweet 7-day graph from MFP (uh, if we aren’t MFP friends, we should be!):

Pretty sweet for only a seven day graph!

I’ve made a few modifications to my diet/fitness, including:

  1. Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast every morning. It ends up being a sort of modified IF, since I don’t eat after 10:00 PM, then I have BPC for breakfast and don’t eat lunch til 1:00 PM. IF is such a great life. 
  2. Less dairy. Because I can’t reasonably count calories without turning into a crazy psycho-bitch that no-one wants to be around (myself included) I easily overconsume dairy. We’ve started measuring the cream that goes into our coffee and just being conscious of our dairy consumption, and as a result, saving a lot of money (organic/grassfed cheese is no joke when it comes to cost!)
  3. Werkin’ awn my fitness. I started C25k (Couch to 5k) two weeks ago, and on my off days from that I strength train (I attemped Starting Strength by my wrist wouldn’t have it, so I moved to a dumbbell version, but in order not to move through the weights too quickly, I’m doing 3×12 instead of 5×5). I take off one day a week, which is sort of random right now because sometimes it snows and I’m trapped in the house for however long. 
I mentioned last week that I feel really good, and it’s no joke–I’m not known for sleeping well, but I have so much more energy when I’m not consuming garbage instead of food. A lot of great things have been happening, like feeling great about my new job, reconnecting with an old friend, and making strides where my finances are concerned (yay, school loans, said no-one, ever). It might be slight coincidence, but I feel like when I’m eating well, it’s so much easier for everything else to go well, too. 

How’s it going for you? Give me a status update in the comments!

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