Weigh-In Day: Losses are Still Losses!

Sometimes I need a big ‘ol reminder of my own mantra: positivity is key!

I have a (somewhat bad) habit of what I like to call “doing math”. I figure out how much I’ve lost in a month, divide it down by the day, and make estimates about how much more I can lose in the rest of the month. I get much more obsessive than that, but “doing math” is my most common obsessive tendency. I was doing that this morning, after only having a .6 LB total loss this week, and I was feeling less-than-enthused about my overall weight loss. It doesn’t really matter that my logical brain knows why this is–8 weeks in, exercising a lot (running/lifting 3x week each, plus additional cardio of varying sorts), not the greatest stress levels due to winter driving, etc… but my emotional brain still sees the number on the scale and goes, “buh”. As I’m standing in the bathroom this morning being a little pouty, boyfriend comes in, picks up my pencil, and edits my Fitspiration planner for me:

You are THE force to be reckoned with.

Where it had said “a” it now says “the”… and that was enough of a reminder that I am a complete badass, the scale does not own me, and I’m ready to keep pushing forward and being successful (thanks for the pick-me-up, love <3).

Here’s this week’s weigh-in:

Not a big loss, but still a loss!

That puts me a total loss of 4.6 lbs for the month of February–not as ideal as I’d like, but losses are still losses! I’m really looking forward to taking my measurements next Sunday–I can see differences in my how my clothing fits/looks, so I’m excited to see the actual numbers πŸ™‚

What do you do to keep yourself on the right mental track of positivity when you’re feeling like things are going as quickly or as well as you’d like? Share in the comments below!

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