Weigh-In Day: Okay, Okay… We’re Getting Somewhere!


I totes didn’t blog last week. I was edging on three weeks of being the same weight and I was getting a little cray cray about it, so I left my negative energy out of my blog. I’m feeling better now, for multiple reasons, which luckily includes a loss!

Total Loss: 16.8 LBS! 🙂

Last week was incredibly stressful. The weather was atrocious and my trauma from my accident was in full-swing. This week, the sunshine and rain have helped my mood improve tremendously, and I’m attributing some of my success not only to keeping calming and ketoing/working out on, but also to my overall stress level being much, much lower than it was. I am officially two-thirds of the way finished with C25k, and I’m feeling really great about my running progress. I’m really looking forward to all of the wonderfulness that comes with spring/summer, like:

  • Hiking and geocaching in the great outdoors
  • Finishing C25k on the treadmill and starting it over again outside
  • Driving with the windows down
  • My awesome landlords throwing parties at their outdoor bar that include reallllly yummy grilled food 🙂

How has the first half of March treated you? Share in the comments below!

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