Recipe Review: Low Carb Onion Rings

Edit: OMG YOU GUYS. I scheduled this and it never posted–so sorry I teased it on IG and never posted it! Forgive me, please?

Two recipe reviews in a week…. what am I, a cooking machine?!

Well, kinda. But no, no. I am just having mad cravings and I’m sitting here (having just eaten lunch, mind you) dying for onion rings! I figured I might as well put my cravings to good use and make sure you all have access to this SLAM-BANGIN’ recipe from I Breathe I’m Hungry for Low Carb Onion Rings. This is one of those recipes that I pinned a long long time ago, but I never actually made it until the lovelyΒ +Stephanie HetrickΒ sent me a message telling me how amazing they were that I put in the effort (and I repinned it to the top in case you’d like to pin it for yourself!).

I had a hard time corroborating the listings for this that were already in MFP, so this is the info from IBIH’s website: Serves 4; Approximate nutrition information per serving: 175 calories, 16g fat, 4g net carbs, 3g protein

This photo is also from IBIH… she’s amazing at all the things πŸ™‚

Using coconut flour in this recipe is key–it soaks up the perfect amount of the egg mixture and creates a perfect consistency for frying. If you can manage not to annihilate these the second they come out of the oil, I highly recommend using them to dip in various low-carb dips and dressings and putting them on burgers. Good lord, low-carb onion rings on low-carb burgers. It’s a match made in low-carb heaven.

Have you made these before? Do you have any other favorite fried low-carb foods? Share in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Low Carb Onion Rings

  1. Oh wait until my husband hears about this! reversing his Type 2 diabetes with the LCHF diet and we are both losing weight. I am always looking for foods we used to like a lot and find a keto approved way to fix them. I will have to try this!!! BTW nice to meet you and congrats on the wonderdul weight loss!!!


    • Hi, Lori! Sorry for the long response time–I had some technical difficulties in my blog switch-a-roo! Have you had a chance to make these yet? It’s nice to meet you, too, and thanks for your kind words!


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