New Year, New Adventures! (AKA KetoDeb Does Whole30!)

Hi, friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably already aware that today was our first day of Whole30. It’s been quite the adventure already, getting my brain to understand that Whole30 allows for consumption of carbs. Like, I had potatoes today. WEIRD. Moving forward, you can safely assume that everything I’ve listed for consumption is organic/grass-fed/local food.

I was disgusted with myself at my weigh-in this morning. I let the holidays (ya know, two weeks+) serve as an excuse to eat garbage for several additional days, resulting in an 11 lb weight gain (which, ya know, practically takes my progress for 2015 down by half! I know, I know, water weight yada yada). It was extremely frustrating for so many reasons, but mostly because I felt like a letdown to myself. Anyways, enough with the self-pity. I weighed in, took measurements and photos*, and got to work. Gym at 5AM and an entirely Whole30 compliant day, right down to drinking some Throat Coat as I get ready for bed.

Here’s what we ate today:

Pre-workout: cold-pressed coffee using this recipeΒ (which is admittedly quite snobbish… skip the hubbub and go straight to the how-to-make-cold-pressed-coffee-in-a-french-press). It was AMAZING! So very good, so smooth, and I didn’t miss the dairy in it at all.

Post-workout: Sweet Potato Egg Cups. Holy moly these are good. Not very different from keto eggs cups that I make, just add sweet potato and you’re good to go. Normally post-workout we have a protein shake (GNC Wheybolic, frozen strawberries, almond milk) but practically none of it is compliant, so we had to find a substitute. These are very filling and taste amazing.

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee (Whole30 Β rules would rather you don’t drink your meals, but I’m never giving up BPC, it’s just too good to me) made with homemade ghee (I used Alton Brown’s recipeΒ with Kerrygold Unsalted Butter) and coconut oil.

Lunch: Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Red Potatoes. I made this in the crockpot yesterday with enough servings for us to each it for lunch Monday-Friday this week. The chicken was wonderfully tender and the rosemary flavor stayed throughout (even though I used dried rosemary, not fresh). I also had a small Pink Lady apple and 9 blackberries.

I got home late from physical therapy, so we split a Lara Bar (pecan pie) while I made spinach and garlic burgers (mash all the raw things together, grill), sweet potato fries (with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder), and bacon aioli (I used this recipe and just skipped the sugar) to smother it all in. It was quite the process, but totally worth it:IMG_20160104_193523.jpg

Alright. I need to get some sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and happily repeat πŸ™‚ If you’re interested in Whole30, feel free to follow along on our journey via my Instagram or this blog. I look forward to sharing with you!

*I’ll post my before photos/measurements either as a separate post, or wait until Whole30 is complete to post them (there is no weighing/measuring allowed during the program!).

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures! (AKA KetoDeb Does Whole30!)

  1. Love! And totally want to try cold brewed coffee…but man, worth the wait? And Bahahaha I’m still cracking up over Snobby McSnob….you weren’t kidding. My favorite line from that post “Read 5 reasons to own a coffee scale” while you look for your measuring cup” priceless


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