It’s June?! Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey!

Hi, friends!

I can’t believe tomorrow is June. I’m feeling a bit like I must’ve been traveling in a blue box! May just flew right by… probably because it was filled with so much awesomeness, like giving away a LoseIt Premium Subscription and running the ChesC0 5K!

June is shaping up to be just as great, and I’m ready to set my goals for the month.

Monthly Goals: June Edition

1. Back to Keto


I’ve been eating like crap the last few days… er, weeks? I’ve been slightly more than emotionally trainwreck-y, and all of that has been manifesting itself in my B.E.D. Which is stupid, and I know I’m stronger than that, so I’m cutting that shit out. Starting now. My goal for June is to get back to 50net carbs/day (and by “back to” I mean, right now, damnit) and make sure that 90% of that is super-clean food choices.

2. Lift 2X/Week


One of the biggest problems with eating like crap is that you no longer feel compelled to carry on with the other great parts of your life, like lifting heavy. We’ve kept up with our cardio because most of that is what we do for fun (volleyball, disc golf, running), but our lifting has suffered. So, back to lifting regularly (which is only going to be twice/week because of the next goal…)

3. Plan Our Race Training (Including Our First Half Marathon!)


Bird is totally on board with long-distance running, so we’ve made our commitments for basically the rest of the year (including our first half Marathon!), and we need to make sure we’re appropriately training for them. We’ll have to edit our lifting schedule a little on-the-fly to make sure we’re not overdoing it or making ourselves injury prone, so training will take precedence here.

4. Get Better at Volleyball


I freaking love volleyball. Normally our club ends when school lets out, but one of the members has a court at her house, so she’s invited us all to continue playing throughout the summer! Normally summer is when I barely play, but this year it’s going to be about getting better. We got a small put-it-up-take-it-down-easily volleyball/badminton net at our local sports store that was closing (75% of, so we paid $25 dollars for two nets, poles, four badminton rackets, a volleyball, and a pump) and played for an hour or so last Friday. It’s definitely “cheap”, but it’ll work just fine for our needs (and for our July 4th party that will be here before we know it)!

You may have noticed that I don’t have any weight loss-specific goals this month. That’s entirely intentional… after eating like crap for awhile, I’m definitely up a few pounds. I’m also travelling for work this month, so I won’t be able to weigh-in for one week, and counting calories during that week will be impossible-enough that I don’t intend to do it, so I need to be “OK” with not being a perfectionist for a smidge. Instead, I’m going to focus on doing what I know is the right thing for my body, regardless of the data that I’m usually so obsessed with.

Here’s to a great June–let’s kick off summer with some ass-kicking!

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