Keto Delivered – Holy Moly, This Is Amazing

You know. I really should’ve known that anything coming from Craig at Ruled.Me  would be fantastic. I’ve known Craig for a few years now thanks to Reddit (which is where I found keto to begin with!) and the Reddit Keto FB Group. I have always recommend RM’s Keto Calculator to anyone I’ve spoken to about keto, and it comes with the added bonus of alllll the other info on Craig’s site (articles, recipes by meal type, the most bangin’ mug cakes EVER).

KetoDelivered is such a fantastic idea. For $39.99/month ($34.99 for the box and $5 for shipping) you get hand-selected, small batch keto foods to try out. You’re supporting a small business that is fashioned around supporting small business…and you get to try new things that you know will fit your lifestyle. How great is that?!

After I finally got the post office to stop harboring my KetoDelivered box, I couldn’t believe I’d never gotten my hands on one yet. Here are the contents I got in the July box:

Coffee Blocks


I’ve used BPC on and off for several years now, so I’m super-excited to try out Coffee Blocks, which is touted as the “better butter coffee”. All you need is the right temp water in order to make BPC on the go! Seriously can’t wait to try these out.

Stacey Hawkins Garlic Gusto Seasoning


I couldn’t resist cracking this open and taking a deep smell… wow. Stacey Hawkins sells a lot of food products, and this is going to be amazing, I can just tell. A recipe card was included in the KetoDelivered box that I’m going to make using this… keep an eye out here and on IG for a recipe review!

KETO AND CO Milk Protein Isolate with Green Tea


KETO AND CO offers a lot of options for “ultra low-carb, ketogenic foods” like brownie mix (whaaaat), hot breakfast, coconut oil, and more, like this protein powder. We use protein powder in our post-workouts at least three times a week (post-lifting, but sometimes post volleyball depending on how hard we worked). I haven’t heard great things about Casein protein, so I’m going to do a bit more research before I decide how excited I am to try this out.

Want to order your own KetoDelivered subscription? Use this link to get started:

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