WholeLottaDays – Another Round of Whole30+

My brain needs a reset. My depression has been so, so bad…and what have I done to help myself? Eat crap, make excuses about it, and then deal with the rollercoaster of guilt. I know that how I treat my body plays a huge role in my mental health, so enough is enough. I work really well within the limits of Whole30, and Luke prefers a whole food diet, so we are going to WholeTheRestofTheYear (with exceptions for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and some product reviews I have committed to). We kept our Whole30 fairly Keto last time, so I’m planning meals to do that again. Today is grocery shopping day, and tomorrow is kick off. 

Here’s our current grocery list for today:

I don’t bother indicating “organic” “gluten free” or anything else of that nature, because I’m familiar enough with Whole30 rules (and if not, I just google away til I find an answer). And we already have 3 dozen eggs, or those would be on this list, too. 

We’ll be going to Costco first to get the things that provide a substantial cost savings, but then we’ll be heading to our local market (Frecon Farms) and local organic grocer (Kimberton Whole Foods) for the rest. 

Anyone else Whole30’ing right now/soon? I’d love the support and some new Pinterest boards to follow!

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