Haven’t blogged since February? Whoops.

Hi, friends!

I definitely go in waves with blogging… sometimes I’m on it like nobody’s business, and sometimes life gets in the way and it’s three (almost four) months since I’ve written.

Since I last blogged, here are someΒ (mostly awesome) things that have happened:

  • I went to Costa Rica with my darling friend, Tina. We spent a week there, exploring the country and drinking more Four Loko than I knew I could. I feel so incredibly lucky to have this gal in my life–she brings me so much joy and love and the BEST DAMN FISH TACOS a girl could hope to eat stateside.
Why yes, I did wear basically nothing but a bikini all week… πŸ™‚Β 
  • I celebrated the marriages of four of my favorite people in the world ❀ Sara and Steve got married on April 22 and Mary and Bruce got married April 29. It was a whirlwind of weeks leading up to both weddings, but I wouldn’t trade getting to stand by both of these beauties as they said their “I Do’s” to their now husbands.
  • Not as cool: my post-concussive disorder diagnosis was reconfirmed, so I’m getting some more MRIs, a new neurologist, and a new spinal specialist, too. I’m keeping my chin up with this stuff, though, because I have the GREATEST PT I could have ever hoped to have. InMotion is such a fantastic place to be treated for life-altering issues, and even with all of the crap that goes along with this injury, I’m so grateful that I have such positive folks in my life to help me cope ❀


In diet-related things, uhhh, I’ve been fucking off for the last month or so o.o. I haven’t weighed myself, so who knows what numerical repercussions there are, but I do know that I’m totally sugar-addicted again, and that’s gotta go. It’s about that time where we pick up a Whole30 again, so we’ll be starting a low-carb-ish Whole30 June 1. Until then, I’m definitely still using the “I have a date” excuse and eating more Ben & Jerry’s than I am anything else.

How have things been in your worlds? How’s life, both food and not-food related? Tell me all the things! ❀

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