July KetoDelivered Box Review!

Hi, loves!

I’ve had some blogs floating around in my brain but no time to dedicate to writing, so today I’m using a lunch break to crank out some words! I’ve been changing up my diet a lot, trying new things, new macros, new ideologies, and figuring out what works best for me. This hasn’t produced much in the way of weight loss, but it’s been an interesting practice in figuring out a way for me to stay sane and still work on my health. KetoDelivered has been an excellent source for finding great low-carb, whole food snacks and meal ideas, and the July box was extra-fantastic. I love getting to open these boxes:

KetoDelivered July 2017

It included:

  1. Front Porch Pecans – the Sea Salt flavor, which holy crap, this company isn’t kidding when they say they’re perfectly seasoned. They’re extra super-duper good on my favorite coconut milk yogurt from So Delicious ā¤
  2. Parm Crisps by Kitchen Table Bakers – there are a lot of parmesan crisps to be bought these days, but these guys have the BEST flavor. They’re rich, and have perfect keto macros. Oh, and they’re really freaking good as crouton subs in salads!
  3. Fat Snax Cookies – the Ginger Turmeric flavor. HOLY FREAKING GOD THESE ARE AMAZING. Duuuuuuude. Slay me. I would eat 1,000 of these. Except that after eating just one of the two in the pack, my sweet tooth was perfectly satisfied and I even shared (I know, I know, crazy – me sharing my cookies).
  4. Simply Beyond Spray On Herbs – the Rosemary flavor. This stuff smells amazing, and tastes great. My only complaint is application – it doesn’t really spray all that well, and it ends up being kinda messy to use :/ Otherwise, a tasty alternative to buying fresh herbs that we’d never actually use all of.
  5. Good Dee’s Blondies Baking Mix – I first ordered from Good Dee’s way back when there were only two products and you could only get them at certain times of the year – so. worth. it. These little baking mixes are divine, and the company is very responsive to questions (I need to find out if I could use my silicone or if I needed to explicitly follow the instructions on the packaging), which is always great when you’re following a super-specific diet. I haven’t actually made these yet, but I know this company, and I know they’ll be great.
  6. Vermont Smoke & Cure Beef Sticks – the Cracker Pepper Flavor. I don’t know about you, but I freaking love beef sticks. These are by FAR the best I’ve ever had, and at 80 calories, 6g of both fat and protein, what more could you want in a keto snack? I had these the same night I opened the box because they perfectly fit my macros šŸ™‚

And last but not least….

7. YumButter Ā – Plant Protein & Probiotic – Just a few words – grab. a. spoon. #sofreakingdelicious

Interested in subscribing? Drop me a line or visit my referral link to get keto goodies delivered to your doorstep! Clicky clicky!


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