Where does the time go?

I was on a rolllllll in September – how does this blog baby get away from me so quickly?!

Status update:

1. We bought and moved into our super-awesome 177-year-old house in central PA (we were in Southern-ish PA). It’s got SO much character and now I fully understand just how fucking BIG a 2400 sq. ft. home is.

2. We got engaged! We’re getting married in May then heading off to Cancun for our honeymoon 😍

KetoDeb is engaged!

3. I got a new job! I am so freaking grateful to my old job for keeping me on as long as they did and beating with me through moving pains (and other pains) and just being so great to me. Love you guys so much ❤️ My new job is as Communications Manager for a great arts, science, and cultural center in our states capital and I’m LOVING it.

4. My health….isn’t great. Steroid injections, a new PT, drugs I have not been able to bring myself to take yet… Meh. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting and I spend way too much time stressed about it.

5. I’ve been bouncing around 10 lbs since we moved… I was KILLING it before I started my new job… Now? Not so much. Trying to balance doctors appointments and work and the gym and eating well with 90 other obligations… It’s not going very well. But I’m working on finding my balance.

What about you loves? What’s new in your lives? What are your holiday plans, if any? Tell me all the things!


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