Recipe Review: Jalapeno Popper Chicken Casserole (LC, HF, GF)

I was scanning Pinterest a few weeks ago for “easy keto meals” and came across this pretty photo:


The tagline cracked me up, but DAMN that looks delicious! I pinned it and then decided to make it for lunches the following week.

Here’s a snapshot of the ingredients and instructions:



And here’s what I changed:

  1. I used a little over 2 lbs of chicken breasts because I use the Costco six-packs, so I used two of those.
  2. I sprayed the casserole dish with cooking spray because eew.
  3. I didn’t have time to let the cream cheese soften, so I softened in the microwave. It only takes about 15 seconds to do so!
  4. There is no way I only used 4 oz of cheese. More like 8. Ya know, the entire bag. And from the image shown, I can’t believe that’s only 4 oz of cheese, either, lol.
  5. I used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.
  6. I didn’t serve it with a side, but instead just split it into several Pyrex containers (Amazon affiliate link, just FYI!) for the week.

This meal is BANGIN’. It smells and tastes super-good, and is really filling. It did get hotter as the week went on and the peppers had time to settle in the meal, just FYI. I didn’t leave in any seeds and almost no pilf, so if you do, be prepared for more heat by Friday.

I managed to make us 8 lunches out of this, so it’d be great if you’re also cooking for two or you could make slightly bigger servings and have it for your whole week. 10/10; this meal will definitely be in the rotation!

Original recipe:


Weigh-In Day: Okay, Okay… We’re Getting Somewhere!


I totes didn’t blog last week. I was edging on three weeks of being the same weight and I was getting a little cray cray about it, so I left my negative energy out of my blog. I’m feeling better now, for multiple reasons, which luckily includes a loss!

Total Loss: 16.8 LBS! 🙂

Last week was incredibly stressful. The weather was atrocious and my trauma from my accident was in full-swing. This week, the sunshine and rain have helped my mood improve tremendously, and I’m attributing some of my success not only to keeping calming and ketoing/working out on, but also to my overall stress level being much, much lower than it was. I am officially two-thirds of the way finished with C25k, and I’m feeling really great about my running progress. I’m really looking forward to all of the wonderfulness that comes with spring/summer, like:

  • Hiking and geocaching in the great outdoors
  • Finishing C25k on the treadmill and starting it over again outside
  • Driving with the windows down
  • My awesome landlords throwing parties at their outdoor bar that include reallllly yummy grilled food 🙂

How has the first half of March treated you? Share in the comments below!

It’s time for an update, yeah?

Hi, friends! Super-long post warning 🙂

It took a little longer than I would have liked, but as promised, I’m back!

I’m going to dive right in to my updates, but PLEASE NOTE: the following has a lot of personal information, including my weight, measurements, etc. and “before” photos. If you think you might be uncomfortable having this knowledge, please skip this blog! Thanks 🙂 Now, seriously, updates:

  • Back on keto!
The holidays were rough, mang. I ate like a crazed lunatic and barely moved my buttcheeks. As such, my weigh-in on December 28, 2014 put me a higher weight than the first time I started keto: 237.9. I spent the last week getting back into the swing of things and I’ve gotta say, I’m so glad I did. I already feel a million times better.
  • A new job!
I started a new job on December 17th. I’m really enjoying my work and my co-workers. I’ve been going for walks for the first half of my lunch and making sure to stay hydrated (a habit I couldn’t keep up with at my last job) all day. The commute does take away about an additional two hours a day of my life, so I’ve had to make a pretty strict schedule for working out in order to meet my goals. Speaking of which….
  • Fitness!
Oh, the last year has been a mess. After my car accident on January 15, 2014, my entire fitlife changed. There are a lot of things I can’t do now due to permanent nerve damage and having limited use of my right hand, but I’m back in the swing of things and sucking up my whininess about not heavy lifting. Instead, I’m starting out with some resistance band workouts and what body-weight exercises I’m capable of (so, not pushups, lol). 
  • Stats!
To start the progress marker, I’m going to upload my stats here. I contemplated about this for a long time–a lot of people have access to this blog and I don’t know that I like the idea of everyone knowing my weight, but… then I decided, wtf does it matter?! I’m ready to change and I don’t particularly care what people know about me. SO! I’ll add my log from the 28th, then add today’s:
As you can see, my first week back on Keto was super-awesome, as it tends to be (mostly because of water weight, but that’s normally around 4 lbs for me, so hopefully some real weight loss, too!). Also, my body measurements, so that when the scale is being a total asshole, I can feel better:
Annnnd some photos I took today, for a Going HAM on Keto! event I’m participating in with some of my favorite Ketopians, and yes, that is my less-than-thrilled face:

So, I have some work to do! And I’m ready. As always, feel free to follow me on Instagram for loads of Keto food porn or just to say hi and be friends 🙂 Until next time!