Recipe Review: Jalapeno Popper Chicken Casserole (LC, HF, GF)

I was scanning Pinterest a few weeks ago for “easy keto meals” and came across this pretty photo:


The tagline cracked me up, but DAMN that looks delicious! I pinned it and then decided to make it for lunches the following week.

Here’s a snapshot of the ingredients and instructions:



And here’s what I changed:

  1. I used a little over 2 lbs of chicken breasts because I use the Costco six-packs, so I used two of those.
  2. I sprayed the casserole dish with cooking spray because eew.
  3. I didn’t have time to let the cream cheese soften, so I softened in the microwave. It only takes about 15 seconds to do so!
  4. There is no way I only used 4 oz of cheese. More like 8. Ya know, the entire bag. And from the image shown, I can’t believe that’s only 4 oz of cheese, either, lol.
  5. I used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.
  6. I didn’t serve it with a side, but instead just split it into several Pyrex containers (Amazon affiliate link, just FYI!) for the week.

This meal is BANGIN’. It smells and tastes super-good, and is really filling. It did get hotter as the week went on and the peppers had time to settle in the meal, just FYI. I didn’t leave in any seeds and almost no pilf, so if you do, be prepared for more heat by Friday.

I managed to make us 8 lunches out of this, so it’d be great if you’re also cooking for two or you could make slightly bigger servings and have it for your whole week. 10/10; this meal will definitely be in the rotation!

Original recipe:


Recipe Review: Cheri’s Creamy Southwestern Taco Soup via Genaw

Hi, friends!

I know it’s summer and all, but sometimes I just can’t help myself–I need soup! Cheri’s Creamy Southwestern Taco Soup is so SOUPER good (oh god, stab me) and full of delicious fat. Freezing it isn’t recommended, but it lasts refrigerated for at least three days (I’ve never been able to not eat it all by then) and gets spicier the longer it sits.

Some lovely darling already plugged the recipe into MFP, so I verified the math and the nutrition info is below (total recipe is 6 servings). It might be a little high-carb for some of you, but IIFYM, carry on!

MFP Nutrition Info for Cheri’s Creamy Southwestern Taco Soup

My favorite use for this recipe is to make a batch of this soup and use it for lunch for boyfriend and I for the first three days of the week. In times where I’ve made it for dinner, I’m likely to eat all three servings at once and then be STUFFED because it’s just so good. Ah, food. How I love thee.

Do you ever eat soup in the summer? If so, what is your go-to recipe? Share it in the comments below!

It’s Been Over Two Months… Whoops!

Hi, friends!

It’s been forever since I blogged (though I regularly Instagram, so if you’re there, let’s be friends!) and I apologize for being one of those bloggers who falls off the face of the planet! Let’s just jump right into an update:

Weight Loss:

  • I’ve been hovering in the same +/- 2 lb. range since the end of April. This is normal for me. As I’m now at the six-month point of being back on Keto, a stall isn’t a surprise. Last week was a carb-festival and I still didn’t go over the +2 lb., so I’m not sure if that’ll help or not (transitioned back to full Keto yesterday).
  • There is definitely a difference in my body, though. First photo is my dress from the lovely +Stephanie Hetrick‘s wedding on June 6th, and the second photo is from my January 4th session of “before photos”:
    Six month weight loss picture deb wagnerbefore photo weight loss deb wagner
Non-Weight Loss:
  • We moved out of our tiny-baby apartment and into a house last weekend! It was definitely a great decision for us and I couldn’t be happier with having space to do things and stuff. The only downside is that I really miss our old landlords 😦 It was the day of my car accident when we moved in and they quickly became our family here. I can’t wait to go hang out at bonfires and sing karaoke with them!
  • The move also made me closer to work, so my drive is only 45-50 minutes now instead 65-75 minutes. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but it already feels rather substantial. 

So, tell me: how have you all been?!

Weigh-In Day: An Ode to Balancing Out

Good morning, friends!

Weigh-in day is upon us again, and even though Bruce (our scale) didn’t ‘let me down’… he did keep me stable and allowed the last two weeks to balance out to a 2 LB loss/week, which I’m more than okay with. My total average weight loss since start day of 12/28/14 is 1.92 LBS/week. Yay!

This week’s weigh-in brings my total loss to 13.5 lbs 🙂

While I’m impatiently awaiting the next decade (210’s!) I’m focusing on C25k, lifting, and eating well. Tonight is our monthly ‘carby night’ and we’re having Nature’s Promise chicken tenders and Alexa sweet potato fries 🙂 We both weighed-in this morning so we can monitor the next week to watch how carbs affect our bodies–for science! Last night’s Valentine’s meal was: bacon wrapped scallops with a maple dijon dipping sauce, rosemary and olive oil marinated seared pork chops, and spaghetti squash au gratin. We finished it off by splitting a pack of Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups 🙂

Valentine’s Day Dinner 2015 ❤

I need to make a game plan for today as I’m trapped in the house due to bad weather. I’m thinking some Wii Fit or Just Dance and then relaxing with a good book and some Reddit 🙂 Oh, and I need to finalize meal planning for this week, too! I hope you’re all having a great Sunday and that this week goes swimmingly!

Have anything special planned for meals this week? Share your recipes in the comments!

Recipe Review: Keto Peanut Butter Cookies!

When I decided to hop back on the Keto wagon full-time after Christmas, I also decided to give up artificial sweeteners. On occasion I’ll eat something sweetened with Stevia, but aspartame, sucralose, etc…. they’re all out (including diet soda!). It certainly hasn’t been the easiest thing (considering how much heavy cream with sugar free pudding stirred in I was consuming on a daily basis) but I’m glad I did it. The only issue is—
I crave sweet things. Especially when my lady-parts come-a-knockin’ for a week at a time. This recipe, folks, is the solution. Please note: my information differs from the recipe’s information, so please make sure to do your own math if you change servings, etc.

I don’t add the suggested Stevia. After being keto-adapted I find that the sweetness of the peanut butter is more than sufficient. Now—if you want these to be like traditional PB cookies, you’re going to have to do some work. If you don’t mind that they are a little bland and SUPER CRUMBLY, then you’re in the clear.

I entered the nutrition info into MFP and got the following for 10 cookies:

Keto PB Cookies (10 Servings)
As you can see, these are no joke when it comes to calories. And to be entirely honest, the last time I made them, I made…. Six. And boyfriend and I each ate 2.5. O.O
So worth it.

Have you made these cookies or do you have a Keto dessert recipe that doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners? Do tell in the comments below!

Recipe Review: My Kitchen Escapades Loaded Cauliflower Bake

The hunt for great side dishes never stops, but man, when it results in a dish that becomes a main course….well, mmph.

The Loaded Cauliflower Bake from My Kitchen Escapades did just that–I simply started adding a meat to it (ground sausage and diced chicken are my go-tos) and serving it as a casserole-type meal and away it went (into our bellies… see what I did there?).

Nutrition info:
I entered all of the info as-is in the link above, and what you see is what you see is below (with an assumed six servings, but as I like to eat as much of this as possible :))

6g net carbs, yay!

Reasons why I love this dish:

  • Uh, it’s fucking delicious
  • Phenomenal macros, mang
  • It’s a great dish to take to family dinners, holiday meals, work get togethers, etc. 
  • Save room for caloric intake if you’re planning to make this. It’s high-cal but it’s so super worth it
  • I prefer chopped and cooked bacon over crumbled bacon. It gives it an additional texture that I really like
  • Beware taking leftovers to work–reheating in the microwave still has that ‘cauliflower’ stank

Have you made any loaded cauliflower dishes before? Share your recipe in the comments!