Product Review: Revol Snax Coconut Bites

If you haven’t already heard about @RevolSnax, be prepared for instant happiness: these things are AMAZING. Their super-impressive Kickstarter just ended (they reached their initial goal in 5 days) and their production just began (they legit posted to IG TODAY that they are now in production). Based in Washington, DC and having adopted a keto lifestyle years ago, the brains behind Revol Snax were frustrated with the lack of convenient low-carb snack options that never tasted as good as homemade recipes. From that frustration was born these beauties:

Revol Snax Keto Coconut Bites

Revol Snax graciously sent me a box with one pack of each flavors to try and review for you all and let me tell you, I feel SPOILED. These little gems are so delicious, so decadent, and SO satisfying. The flavor options are (I bit into them so you could see the filling and because uh, duh, I wanted to try them all as soon as I opened them LOL):

Dark Chocolate with Almond Butter
These were the first ones I tried out of the package. The notes I took on my phone say: holy crap. Great little almond crunch and amazing chocolate flavor.

Dark Chocolate with Almond Butter Revol Snax KetoDeb review of keto product
You can’t really see the almond butter in this bite, but trust me, it’s in there.

Snickerdoodle with Hazelnut Filling
My notes: oh, the cinnamon. I love cinnamon and wow, so very cinnamony and SMOOTH.

Snickerdoole with Hazelnut Filling Revol Snax KetoDeb review of keto product
Snickerdoodle. Freaking delicious cinnamon nuttiness. YUM.

Matcha Latte with Vanilla Cream Filling
My notes: Perfect sweet and salty combo (not like, salty salty, but not overly sweet). Great filling flavor and absolutely perfect consistency. I want to take two bites and that means cleaning coconut crumbles off my boobs, but who cares.

Matcha Latte with Vanilla Cream Filling Revol Snax KetoDeb review of keto product
Matcha matcha matcha… Mmm.

And my personal favorite… Double Dark Chocolate with Ganache Filling:
My notes: Holy balls (literally). These are actually filled with ganache. Dark chocolate creamy goodness – how is this real life? Mmph.

Double Dark Chocolate with Ganache Filling Revol Snax KetoDeb review of keto product
Decadent. That’s the only word I can come up with that is even CLOSE to describing how amazing these are.

What’s actually crazy about these delightful little gems is the nutrition info:

Nutrition information with calories fat protein and net carbs Revol Snax KetoDeb review of keto product
125 calories and 1 net carb for TWO of these. TWO OF THEM. The nutrition info is basically the same for all four flavors, but visit their Kickstarter or website for the full info.

What’s even better is that because there is so much flavor and fat packed into these, they’re SATISFYING and FILLING. I took two out of the refrigerator the other night (keep in mind, I have a tendency to eat an entire mug cake WITH keto PB frosting at night) and after letting them warm to room temp, nibbled them (again, crumbs on your boobs, totally worth it) and was perfectly content dessert/snack-wise.

I’m SO excited for these to hit stores (they’re already available at DC Whole Foods! Woop woop!) and to see the continued success that Dave and Nadine of Revol Snax are certain to have!

July KetoDelivered Box Review!

Hi, loves!

I’ve had some blogs floating around in my brain but no time to dedicate to writing, so today I’m using a lunch break to crank out some words! I’ve been changing up my diet a lot, trying new things, new macros, new ideologies, and figuring out what works best for me. This hasn’t produced much in the way of weight loss, but it’s been an interesting practice in figuring out a way for me to stay sane and still work on my health. KetoDelivered has been an excellent source for finding great low-carb, whole food snacks and meal ideas, and the July box was extra-fantastic. I love getting to open these boxes:

KetoDelivered July 2017

It included:

  1. Front Porch Pecans – the Sea Salt flavor, which holy crap, this company isn’t kidding when they say they’re perfectly seasoned. They’re extra super-duper good on my favorite coconut milk yogurt from So Delicious ❤
  2. Parm Crisps by Kitchen Table Bakers – there are a lot of parmesan crisps to be bought these days, but these guys have the BEST flavor. They’re rich, and have perfect keto macros. Oh, and they’re really freaking good as crouton subs in salads!
  3. Fat Snax Cookies – the Ginger Turmeric flavor. HOLY FREAKING GOD THESE ARE AMAZING. Duuuuuuude. Slay me. I would eat 1,000 of these. Except that after eating just one of the two in the pack, my sweet tooth was perfectly satisfied and I even shared (I know, I know, crazy – me sharing my cookies).
  4. Simply Beyond Spray On Herbs – the Rosemary flavor. This stuff smells amazing, and tastes great. My only complaint is application – it doesn’t really spray all that well, and it ends up being kinda messy to use :/ Otherwise, a tasty alternative to buying fresh herbs that we’d never actually use all of.
  5. Good Dee’s Blondies Baking Mix – I first ordered from Good Dee’s way back when there were only two products and you could only get them at certain times of the year – so. worth. it. These little baking mixes are divine, and the company is very responsive to questions (I need to find out if I could use my silicone or if I needed to explicitly follow the instructions on the packaging), which is always great when you’re following a super-specific diet. I haven’t actually made these yet, but I know this company, and I know they’ll be great.
  6. Vermont Smoke & Cure Beef Sticks – the Cracker Pepper Flavor. I don’t know about you, but I freaking love beef sticks. These are by FAR the best I’ve ever had, and at 80 calories, 6g of both fat and protein, what more could you want in a keto snack? I had these the same night I opened the box because they perfectly fit my macros 🙂

And last but not least….

7. YumButter  – Plant Protein & Probiotic – Just a few words – grab. a. spoon. #sofreakingdelicious

Interested in subscribing? Drop me a line or visit my referral link to get keto goodies delivered to your doorstep! Clicky clicky!


KetoDelivered Review: Coffee Blocks

Because I plan my meals out like a lunatic, it’s taken me awhile to fit the Coffee Blocks from my KetoDelivered box into my schedule, but I finally tried them this past Friday!

Coffee Blocks – $23.95 for an 8-pack (and free shipping in the US!)

I switch between having BPC for breakfast and having hard-boiled eggs. I’ve been having hard-boiled eggs for like, six months now, so it’s going to be BPC time again soon. I have an AeroLatte at work, so I’m fairly well prepped, but totally into the idea of being able to use a to-go option instead! I made them at work, which according to the lovely fellas that make them is how the idea was started–not hauling all yer hubbub to work to brew and blend:

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 3.55.07 PM
“Why Coffee Blocks” –

I took one our lovely Star Wars Tervis Tumblers to work with me, and followed the instructions to the T (which is normally not my style, but coffee is deserving of nothing less!). It was definitely easy to make, and there is no waiting or anything of that nature, it’s just ready to go. Some of the reasons why I love it:

  1. It’s made in ‘merica! (Wanna chat about politics sometime? Hit me up at :))
  2. Super-high-quality organic and/or grass-fed ingredients–all five of them.
  3. Uhh, it’s EASY. Who doesn’t want their breakfast (or whatever other meal you want to use it for) to be super simple and quick? Especially if, like me, you don’t eat until you’re at work.

My hold-up:

  1. I don’t know why I’m numbering this list–there is only one hold-up. I do not particularly care for the taste of coconut oil. When I make my own BPC at home, I use salted butter because a) I mean, I love salt, and b) it helps mask the taste of the coconut. Coffee Blocks, to me, tastes way too coconutty. That being said, I know my bird will love them, so he’ll benefit from them being in our pantry 🙂

Overall review: While the flavor of the coconut oil is a hold-up for me, that doesn’t change the fact that this a great product, made by what seems to be a great company. For me it’s a 4/5, but for anyone who doesn’t mine the coconut oil flavor, I don’t think you’d ever rate it less than a 5/5.

Thanks for the box, KetoDelivered! To get your own box full of small batch Keto food delivered right to your door, visit this link:

Review: Fitbit Food Logging (And Oh Yeah, I’m Counting Calories Again)

Hi, friends!

As you may have seen on Instagram, I decided that I would starting counting calories/logging food again. It’s always an uphill battle for me because I have an unfortunate tendency to get obsessed with things of that nature… (read: I used to cut individual almonds in half when they were over-weight by a half-gram). This time, though, I’ve made a promise to myself (and to my wonderful boyfriend, who doesn’t deserve to live with a crazy person when he only signed up to live with a moderately crazy person) that I would keep my obsessive tendencies in check. That being said, I’m still super-huffy with MFP after their transition into the Under Armour connected fitness network (or whatever long-ass winded title it has), so I figured, what the hell! I’m already on Fitbit all the time, and love love love my Fitbit data, so why don’t I log my food there, too? Well, I’ve been logging for a few weeks and here are my thoughts:

The Good:

It’s freaking beautiful: The way the dashboard integrates with it’s tiles and how all of them work together is really awesome. You can drag and drop your tiles wherever you’d like them (this is a screenshot from today so far–I need to move my butt, obviously).
Fitbit Dashboard

Calories In vs. Calories Out: See that middle tile up there? It’s a comparison of your food intake (or planned intake, if you’ve logged the whole day) vs. the calories you’ve burnt. It’s updated constantly and let’s you know if you’re over, under, or in-the-zone to reach your weight loss goal (haven’t set up a weight loss goal through a food plan in Fitbit? Check out this tutorial to get started!). Because I log all of my food ahead of time, I don’t normally hit “in-the-zone” until right before I’m heading to sleep.

The Not-So-Good:

Lack of meal-based macros: You can only see macros for the day’s totals (see Daily Calorie Consumption below). It’s quite frustrating unless you plan the entire day ahead of time to make sure you’re on point (to be clear, I usually do this, but now I feel like I haven’t a choice in the matter). Fitbit Daily Totals

Nutrition preview: My biggest issue with logging food in Fitbit is that the the nutrition preview only shows calories. You can’t see fat, carbs, fiber… nada. You can see all of that if you log it, buuuut. That’s not efficient. I end up adding a lot of my own food, which again, after having been on MFP for so long, just feels like way too much work.

All-in-all I’m content using Fitbit to log my food. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, especially where integration is concerned–it’s nice to use a system that includes my steps/activities, food, weight loss goals, and a great teamwork/competition option if you’re into those methods, too. If you have a Fitbit and want to be friends, I’m KetoDeb there, too! 🙂

Do you count calories? If so, how are you logging your food? Leave a comment below and let me know!