I’m feeeeeeeeling goooooood

Had a GREAT weigh-in because I'm prioritizing my health and my SELF.


July KetoDelivered Box Review!

Hi, loves! I've had some blogs floating around in my brain but no time to dedicate to writing, so today I'm using a lunch break to crank out some words! I've been changing up my diet a lot, trying new things, new macros, new ideologies, and figuring out what works best for me. This hasn't …

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Haven’t blogged since February? Whoops.

Hi, friends! I definitely go in waves with blogging... sometimes I'm on it like nobody's business, and sometimes life gets in the way and it's three (almost four) months since I've written. Since I last blogged, here are some (mostly awesome) things that have happened: I went to Costa Rica with my darling friend, Tina. We …

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Running Races…But Which Ones?!

Guys. I am having a REALLY HARD TIME picking my races for this year. I'm not in love with spontaneity. I like to know things ahead of time. Really far ahead of time. I set the goal to run more races, and here I am, only technically registered for one. The one race I've registered for …

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