Recipe Review: Dandy Dishes Spaghetti Squash au Gratin

When I first started eating keto back in September of 2012, I was way super content to eat “meat and cheese on salad”, “meat and cheese with vegetable(s)” or “meat and cheese with meat”. I didn’t venture out into the great wide world of actual side dishes, but when Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin was introduced to me, I verbally ‘unf-ed’. If ever something was to convince me to branch out, this was it.

Nutrition Info:
I entered all of the info as-is in the link above into MFP, and what you see is below (for a recipe that serves six, the total recipe is 7.5 cups, so each serving is 1.25 cups).Β 
5g net carbs–yay!
Reasons why I love this dish:
  • You can serve it as a side dish (preferably with a rosemary pork tenderloin) or add diced chicken to it and serve it as your main dish
  • It has a lot of cheese in it
  • The textures and feel are great–it’s got a little ‘al dente’ feel from the spaghetti squash, it’s creamy from the cheese and sour cream, and served piping hot it makes wonderful ‘comfort food’
  • Check out this article about cooking spaghetti squash. I found that Dandy’s Dishes’s advice was okay, but some of the methods mentioned here work a lot better (especially if you have a tiny-baby microwave)
  • You can easily make this the night before Thanksgiving or Christmas and reheat it the next day
  • Like all good keto things, top it with chopped bacon… zing!

Do you have a favorite keto side dish? Share the recipe in the comments!

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