A Shift in the Blog Paradigm…

A few weeks ago, the lovely Lezlee (megastar and ultra-babe behind LazyKeto and Sriachoy) wrote a beautiful, loving, and heartfelt blog about some of her struggles. Struggles that really hit home for me, for a few reasons, one of which was that I’ve been feeling like expanding my blog to be more than just “keto”. Keto is a gigantic part of my life, but it isn’t everything. And it isn’t the driving factor in what makes me “me”—no, that’s my attitude. I’m who I am because of how I act, not how I eat.

With that said, I’m going to be implementing a little shift in my blog—instead of being primarily focused on keto, it’s going to be primarily focused on me (wow, that sounds so conceited!). Sometimes that means it’ll seem like nothing has changed (I’ll still do recipe reviews and post about my weight loss progress), but sometimes that means I’ll be getting a little deep up in here; you’ve been warned. And sometimes it means I’ll be raving about my new disc golf disc and how suddenly my left-hook isn’t the worst thing in the world anymore.

Here I am, feeling rather elated at the thought of making this change:


I love and adore you all so much. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for following my life. Thank you for loving me back ❤

6 thoughts on “A Shift in the Blog Paradigm…

  1. I am so excited to see where you take this and read about your awesome self 😘 You’re an amazing lady and I just love you to pieces!

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  2. I love this and the coming change! One of the main reasons I started a blog was because I felt all I ever talked about was food…and even then I veered off topic. I’m so stoked to learn more about youuuuuuu and your adventuring babe!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. What happened to your last post? I got an email that you wrote a new entry, but it’s not here. 😦 Hope all is good.


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