Weigh-In Day, Cheat Meals, and Singin’ in the Rain

Hi, friends!

So, weigh-in wise, this week was the pits. I went back up to 229.5 on Monday and I was there until Saturday, when I weighed 228.2, putting me a tiny baby loss of .2 lbs. Then I had a ‘cheat meal’–bunless burger with a 44g carb serving of sweet potato fries, two mozzarella sticks, and two pot stickers from TGIF, coming in a grand total of Idon’tknowwhat because TGIF has a stupid nutrition menu that doesn’t identify how many of something are in a serving. /eyeroll

Anywho, other than that I had some keto ‘pancakes’ (cream cheese and egg) topped with strawberries and whipped heavy cream/vanilla to eat yesterday.

This morning I was up 2.2 lbs.

I’m not actually upset about it–our normal cheat meal would have had me up 5 lbs (Chinese food… alllll the Chinese food) for a week, so we’ll see how long this takes weight takes to get back off. Stats for the week are:

Up from a cheat meal, but down net 7.5 lbs still!

Also, random exercise story of the day: our roads are miserable today. We woke up to sheets of ice everywhere–there have been deaths reported on our surrounding highways in the county from 20+ car pile-ups.. all in all, just terrible. So, I swore up and down I wouldn’t go to the gym, because ya know, death from ice-driving. Instead, I got the brilliant idea to go for a walk…. outside. It took me 35 minutes to 1.67 miles, mostly because I had to keep stopping to inspect the road and try not to fall on my butt! I’m still glad I went out, though, because I’m almost at my 10k steps for the day on my Fitbit and it was at least an experience, if nothing else. And just because I like to always stay jolly, I sang the version of “Singin’ In The Rain” from my favorite movie, “What About Bob”…. and a bowl for the chicken!

Instagrammin’ my walk and my pout! :p

I hope you all have a super-fantastic week–stay tuned for another Recipe Review and a blog about my Fitbit! 🙂

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